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Principal Consultant:
Kathy Iberle


The Iberle Consulting Group provides services in these areas:

Lean Project Management

Using Lean Project Management, your projects run faster and more smoothly, freeing up time to focus on your core mission.  You really can work smarter, not harder!  Learn more about Lean Project Management and our services. 

Agile for Everybody

We understand why Lean and Agile methods work, allowing us to apply Agile successfully on very large software projects, multi-disciplinary projects such as game development or hardware/software projects, and even projects with no software at all.   If “by the book” just isn’t working for you, call Iberle Consulting Group for help!

Software Quality Improvement:

If you’ve got persistent software quality problems, call Iberle Consulting Group for help!  We can show you how to analyze your own data to identify the changes that will give you the most bang for the buck, and help you develop the skills to accomplish those changes.

For samples of our expertise, check out these pages:

  • Publications:  Articles and conference presentations
  • Resources:  Quick references, links to useful sites, and more



What's New?

Video of Kathy's Invited Speaker talk on the Improvement Kata at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference in October 2015

Slides and paper are on the Publications page.


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